Request for Gallery Space Application

Session 3:  February - July

Session 4:  August - January

Gallery Participation Rules, Guidelines & Procedures:

1.  Taxes: It will be your responsibility to pay your own sales tax to the state.

2.  Application Fee: $25 plus a Southern Arizona Arts Guild Membership of $50 (Single), $75 (Couple). You must maintain your SAAG Guild membership annually.

3.  Fees: Regular Artists: You will pay a space rental fee based on the amount of the body of work and a commission of 25% to SAAG for all art that is sold.

Cards and Sling Artists: You will pay a commission of 25% to SAAG for all art that is sold.

Artists with cards and/or prints only: If you have no other art in the gallery, you will pay no monthly rent fee, a commission of 50% of total sales and you do not work.

4.  All applicants will be juried in based on the diversity of your artwork and what it offers to the Gallery. If accepted, all new incoming art submissions will be juried at the time of entry.

SAAG Gallery Guideline:

1.  All artwork must be for sale and be your original work. The Gallery Floor and/or Merchandiser Manager has the final decision on acceptance of work or its removal. All work must meet the SAAG Gallery standards.

2.  The Gallery Merchandiser Team will make the decision of placement of your art based on the current artists and new applicants. The Gallery Merchandiser must be contacted before bringing replacement pieces.

3.  All inventory sheets must follow the same numbering system for all artists which is 1, 2, 3, etc. (numerical order) with no alpha included in numbering system with exception of the “A” in front of the artist number. Example: INV#000-A00. This information must be on every item and on wall tags printed on card stock for 2D wall pieces.  The inventory sheet and wall tag template can be printed through your Square Point of Sale account. A Gmail account is required to connect to this   inventory management system.  All inventory sheets are newly submitted each session and will remain the property of the SAAG Gallery. Artists should keep a copy of the inventory sheets for their personal use

4.  Artists must price their work in whole dollar amounts. All artists are responsible to pay taxes on their own sales.  

5.  Artists will be trained on the job by artists working on their scheduled day.

6.  Each artist will work 3 to 4 half shifts per month as specified in the SAAG Policies and Procedures. Shifts will vary between 4 and 5 hours dependent on store hours.

7.  If a member is not cooperative or is disrespectful towards other artists, the Gallery Management Team has authority to make decisions regarding continuance in the Gallery. The Executive Board may get involved if necessary.

8.  All artists are required to work their assigned shifts. If there is an emergency/illness you may trade shifts or negotiate a fee with an artist in your category to work your shift. If management team has to find a replacement, you will be responsible for paying the replacement a minimum $10 per hour fee. Any long term situations can be worked out with the Scheduling Manager.

9.  The gallery runs solely on volunteers. You must work on a committee each session. Check all that apply.

  Accounting Team
  Event Teams **
  Maintenance Team
  Merchandising Team
  Reception Team **
  Training Team
  Other (indicate below)

**Teams work with refreshment set up, water/wine bar tender, table set up and decor, greeter, etc.

  I have read, understand and will adhere to the daily duties check list, the SAAG Creed and SAAG Gallery Guidelines as stated in the SAAG Policy and Procedures. I hereby release and discharge the members of SAAG Gallery & Guild from any and all claims occasioned by damage or loss of artwork while in the possession of the Southern Arizona Arts Guild. I hold SAAG and all members harmless for any accidents I have at the SAAG Gallery. I hereby confirm that I am able and willing to work the required shifts and make responsible and appropriate decisions. I agree that any and all member’s personal emails and or phone numbers will not be used for solicitation in other venues, direct competition or for mass communication that has not been approved by the SAAG Board of Directors. I accept that this could result in a legal liability.

To apply you can go online to , bring application to the gallery or mail this application to:       

SAAG Gallery
2905 E Skyline Dr
Suite #262
ucson, AZ    85718


Your application will be reviewed promptly and you will be contacted upon availability.  Once space is available you will be scheduled an interview.  At that time, be prepared to pay the application fee, Guild membership (if applicable) and first/ last month’s rent.        

1.  Completed inventory sheets.  Make sure you have copied them for your records.

2.  A payment for gallery space rental plus the additional fee to cover your last month space rental.

3.  A check and application for SAAG Guild membership ($50 single or $75 for couple), if appropriate.  May be prorated

4.  A payment for $25 for first-time gallery participant, if appropriate

5.  Price tags for all items with numbers matching your inventory sheets in numerical order, your artist number and item price.  No numbers can be reused.  

6.  Your artwork.

7.  Your biography.

Revised 01/03/2020