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Monthly Meeting

May 2, 2020

Southern Arizona Arts Guild Gallery
2905 E. Skyline Drive; Suite 262
Tucson, AZ 85718
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Due to COVID-19, our meetings have been postponed until at least, August.  Please check back for updates. 

We look forward to seeing you at a future event. 

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President's Report

WOW!  What a Spring we've had (or not).  If you are like me it has been like living in a bad movie.

You are probably wondering why we haven't sent a newsletter until now but things were and are changing so fast it was difficult to have all updated information at any given time.  You are probably tired of receiving so many emails from us but it seemed the best way to communicate with you, our members.

Just know your SAAG leadership has been working diligently to keep on top of the COVID 19 rules and guidelines.  As you may know by now, the SAAG Gallery of Gifts has re-opened following the CDC rules.  We've only had a few potential customers refuse to follow these guidelines and we were very careful to help them leave the gallery and not let the door hit them on their way out.  We are committed to the safety of our artists and customers.  

Those of you who attend our monthly guild meetings know we have cancelled our meetings until we feel it would be safe to re-convene.  At this time we are thinking it could be August.  July is usually scheduled for a fun Summer Mixer in the Gallery but it's not likely that we will be able to hold this.  We are limited to 10 individuals in the gallery at a time and it's not likely that limit will be lifted by then.  We will keep you posted as we know more.

Check this newsletter (and your email box) for information about our upcoming Sweep the Studio event scheduled for July 25th.  This is an opportunity for our members to make up for lost time with the closures and to clean out your studio.

If you are ready to venture out, stop by the Gallery for a visit and to see all the new art our artists have been working on while in lock down.  We had the gallery professional cleaned and spiffed up and new lighting installed. We look great!

Hoping things will get back to some kind of normal!


Jeanie Merideth, SAAG President



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COVID 19 Update

The SAAG Gallery of Gifts has re-opened with special hours and new CDC guidelines in place.  The follow sign is posted on our front door and inside the Gallery.

COVID-19 Precautions
For everyone’s safety, we are following the CDC guidelines.
We have alcohol wash at the door. If you do not have a 
mask or need gloves, please ask the artist at the door.

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Sweep the Studio Event

We are planning the “Sweep The Studio” Sale July 25th.  Here are our plans to date.

  • We are arranging to rent the empty Brooks Brothers and Papyrus stores. 
  • One day blow out 10am-4pm
  • Set up Friday afternoon, the 24th.  Take down Saturday after sale
  • Booth space approx. $60.
  • Each artist takes their own sales.  NO COMMISSION!
  • You can sell any of your art work, supplies and displays.
  • Open to ALL SAAG members.

SAAG Marketing team will be working on an extensive marketing program with Desert Leaf, Oro Valley Voice, flyers, customer email list (4,200) also looking at social media and Tucson Explorer.  The La Encantada will advertise, as well. 

Summer Pop Up sales have been very successful in the past. We feel it is because we are an air conditioned venue!  We also feel with less travel happening, we have a larger and very bored audience!  Customers in the Gallery, this week, have been very excited about it. 

Please let us know if you are interested in participating. We think we can accommodate 38-45 artists (first come).  Open to all SAAG members.  Jeanie already has a list started of interested artists. LET US KNOW ASAP IF YOUR INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING!  Jeanie Merideth.

Applications will be sent to you as soon as all plans are confirmed.

Thank you for your interest,

Jeanie Merideth
SAAG President

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Exhibitions Update

We still don't have any updated information on when your art can be picked up. As soon as we know we will let you know. Our Exhibition committee people are watching this closely.


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Update Your Member Information

Help update your information in the Member Directory

Please go into your listing in the Member Directory and make sure that the link to your website, Etsy page, or other destination is correct. While looking to create a Gallery Instagram page, I found that a number of the website links were not working properly. Also, I would encourage members to include website, Etsy page, or another link and a contact phone number. The information in the Member Directory can only be accessed by the membership. 




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ART FULL - a social media create-a-bration

We are encouraging everyone to post photos of their art, their works in progress, and the things which make them happy, on the Gallery’s Facebook page. This is our “ARTFULL” project, a social media “create-a-bration” hosted by the Southern Arizona Arts Guild (SAAG) and the SAAG Gallery in Tucson.

Here are 10 Tips for posting your photos:

1) Start with a photo which is in focus.

2) Make sure your photo is right-side-up.

3) Go to the Southern Arizona Arts Guild Facebook page,

4) Use “Create Post” or "Write a Post" and click on the white space.

5) Click on the "photo/video" button. Load the photo from your computer.

6) Add your name and the hashtag #SAAGTucsonARTFULL.

7) Click on "post." The photo will not show up immediately as it has to be allowed by the Administrator. This doesn't take long. The approval process ensures that the page isn't overrun with photos from other groups.

8) Only post the photo once, or it will show up as duplicates or triplicates.

9) Do not use Facebook’s Messenger tool.  

10) Once your art is up, share it on your personal page. Spread the word to friends, family, and neighbors.

8) Only post the photo once, or it will show up as duplicates or triplicates.

9) Do not use Facebook’s Messenger tool.  

10) Once your art is up, share it on your personal page. Spread the word to friends, family, and neighbors.

Each photo reaches between 60 and 200 viewers; the average is more than 100 people. Posting a photo of your artwork is good advertising for your business. 

Those of you who do not use Facebook, can send a jpeg of your work to me and I will post it for you. E-mail your photo to [email protected]

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Teaching Classes

Teaching Classes through SAAG
Did you know that all SAAG members have an opportunity to teach classes at the SAAG Gallery. We have a backroom that has been utilized for this purpose already. The space can accommodate up to 12 students.Various artists have given classes on acrylic painting, alcohol inks, felting, jewelry making, ceramics, paper quilling, photography and more.
We now have a glass shelf at the back of the gallery that artists use to display what they are going to teach. We also have a monthly ad in the Desert Leaf about our classes. Our PR committee puts together a flyer for each class which is also displayed and these flyers are sent out once a month to SAAG’s email list. 
If you are interested in teaching a class, you need to apply online at Click on classes and then under Quick Links, choose “Application for Teaching Classes Through SAAG.”
For more information, please email Marnie Ehlers our class director at [email protected].

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Oro Valley Community Center

Eric Black has placed some of his artwork in the Oro Valley Community Center recreational building. His work is in the entryway-lobby for the Tennis, Swimming and workout facility.  His dramatic western, silver point and pen and ink, mixed media work is well represented as well as two fine pencil original works in "Hard Road" and "Grandfather." 

The one person exhibit will be on display until early July.  Artwork is for sale.

Please feel free to visit the display and support our fellow member. 


Locked In

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Social Media

Just a reminder to participate in SAAG’s create-a-bration, ART FULL, on the Guild’s Facebook page. Make sure to invite your Facebook friends to join in. ART FULL is a no-cost way to keep your work and the Gallery in the forefront of our fans’ minds. 

Keep making art and take its picture. Then go to, write your post and upload your picture. Use the hashtag #SAAGTucsonARTFULL. The post is subject to approval so it won't show up right away. You only need to upload the photo once. Amplify your share. Go back to SAAG’s Facebook page, and share your post - and those of others - to your personal and business pages.
Skittish about Social Media?
Here are some articles that may ease you mind about jumping in.

Social Media Basics You Need to Know (But Are Too Afraid To Ask)
5 Ways to Use Social Media to Generate a Buzz About Your Artwork
4 Artists Share Tips for Using Instagram to Grow Your Art Practice



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Artist Opportunities

In celebration of Earth Day ...

‘Recycled Art Exhibition’ at Roche Tissue Diagnostics (RTD) from April 2nd – July 8th. 
Amanda Staples, Artistic Programs Manager
Arts & Community Festivals Management, Visual Arts Management, Gallery Exhibitions
Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance (SAACA)
Direct (520) 333-4088

Starting this Fall season Jewell's Fine Art Festivals is hoping to increase awareness and participation at their shows and is reaching out to SAAG with the idea of developing an ongoing relationship between the two organizations.  Jewell’s has been doing art fairs in Tucson for 22 years and is interested in promoting local and visiting artists, as well as emerging or returning artists.

Jewell’s is offering a large 10x30 space to the guild with no commitment, hoping that SAAG members can come together and fill this space as a group to show and sell their work.  The cost for this space would only be $450 and up to 9 (or more?) artists could conceivably share and show in this space, which could bring the cost down to as little as $50 per artist for a weekend show.

Should there not be enough interest to fill the entire space, smaller spaces could still be considered at steep discounts as well – a 10x20 for $300, or a 10x10 for $150.  These rates are for the Guild as a group to have multiple artists take advantage of the reserved space.  Individual artists who want their own booths will receive a 10% discount on their spaces.  If there isn’t a lot of interest around a particular show it wouldn't cost SAAG a thing and the 3 spaces that JFAF reserves for SAAG would be made available to other artists.

I'm hoping to work out a win-win for all - where JFAF draws more artists and vendors to develop larger shows, which will hopefully draw larger crowds, and SAAG members get opportunities to do shows as a group for a small amount of money.  

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact [email protected] 

Teaching Opportunity
SaddleBrooke One is seeking a teacher to do workshops on Oil Painting. If you are interested email Robbie at
 [email protected].

If you know of opportunities you are willing to share with fellow Guild members please send the information to the Web administrator at [email protected]


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