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It's a February Celebration

It’s a February celebration

SAAG Gallery Marks 2-Years at 
La Encantada Location

This month the Southern Arizona Arts Guild (SAAG) Gallery is celebrating 2-years at its La Encantada location. In that time more than 150 local artists have shown and sold their art in the space.

“I remember when the SAAG Board made the decision to move forward, going from 1,000 sq. ft. to a 3,000 sq. ft. gallery,” said SAAG President Jeanie Merideth. “It was a lot of responsibility, but very exciting.”

Since moving from Casa Adobes Plaza to La Encantada, a lot has happened. “We had to reinvent how we did things,” said Melissa Rogers, who served as the Floor Manager in the gallery’s first two years. “Our processes had to become more sophisticated due to the increase volume of product, but we had such a great group of volunteers who each took on a project that they could devote their time and talent toward. With a lot of work it all came together. We are all very proud of the gallery – how it operates, our customer service, how it looks, and the great art we offer in the space.”

“Two years ago, I was at the gallery helping to unpack. The place was full of boxes, so it was obvious we were just moving in,” said Theresa Poalucci, a SAAG Board member. “I was so surprised because shoppers who were at the center kept knocking at the door asking to come in. Some started looking in the boxes. They just could hardly wait for us to open our doors. We have had such a positive reaction from the first day to today. Even during the pandemic, customers have been both loyal and supportive.”

Because of COVID, the SAAG Board has decided not to have a party to celebrate year two. “Like all local businesses, we are putting the safety of our customers first,” said Merideth. “The upside to quarantine is that our artists have had extra studio time and we have some amazing pieces for sale.”

The end of January saw extra activity as new space contracts were signed and some 15 new artists have joined the gallery. “Customers will see a fresh new look this month as we welcomed a myriad of new artists,” said Wendy Baldwin, Merchandising Manager for the SAAG Gallery. “Just in time for Valentine’s Day we have an immense selection of romantic gifts.”

“We have found a great home at La Encantada and plan to stay for many years to come,” voiced Merideth. “It has been a win-win location for our artists and our customers.”

About: The Southern Arizona Arts Guild strives to provide a forum for the appreciation and advancement of the arts. Members of SAAG meet and socialize to facilitate the practice, improvement, and displaying of our talents. Composed of painters, sculptors, and creators of all manner of fine art, SAAG welcomes artists both seasoned and new as well as those individuals interested in the perpetuation of the arts in our community.

The SAAG Gallery is located at La Encantada, 2905 E. Skyline Drive; Suite 262, Tucson, AZ  85718 (Next to Tommy Bahama near the restaurants). Hours are Mon - Wed:  10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Thurs - Sat:  10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sunday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, visit

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Monthly Meeting

Southern Arizona Arts Guild Gallery
2905 E. Skyline Drive; Suite 262
Tucson, AZ 85718

Due to COVID-19, our meetings have been postponed.
We hope to start virtual (Zoom) meetings starting in March.
Please check back for updates. 

We look forward to seeing you at a future event.

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President's Report

We've gotten through the elections, the holidays and in to a new year and some of our problems are still there.  COVID continues to be an issue but hopefully relief is in site now that a vaccine is being made available.

As you may know 2 of our Gallery managers have decided to step down and let someone new take the reigns.  Melissa Rogers and Wendy Baldwin will be greatly missed and we hope to see them back in the gallery in the future.  Michelle Mallett and Joni Olson have joined us as merchandising managers and Jeanie Merideth has taken over as the Floor Manager.  Good luck to all.

The gallery has just started a new session and we are looking for artists who are intrested in applying to be in the gallery.  If you are interested or you know of someone who might be interested go to our website and fill out the application to be in the gallery.  You will be contacted by one of our managers for the next steps that would include going through a jury process.

Please look for information in this newsletter for upcoming events and happenings.  The Exhibitions Overlook show is in the midst of registrations,  gallery classes have resumed and the Guild is looking forward to holding Zoom meetings to replace our regular first Saturday of the month guild meetings.  We should be starting with the March 6th meeting as a Critique meeting.  More information will be available soon on what that will look like.

SAAG  will be holding it's annual officer elections in the month of April so when the call for nominees comes out please take a moment to consider stepping up to help us out.  The best way to get the most out of membership in any organization is to get and be involved.

Stay safe,

Jeanie Merideth
SAAG President
[email protected]

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Call to Artists


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Please CLICK HERE to visit our upcoming classes on our website.

We believe that everyone has a creative side and some of us are just waiting to discover it!  The SAAG galley at La Encantada has classroom space in the back of the store. Several of our artists teach classes in this space. There are lots of workshops to choose from and with most of them the student leaves with a finished project and a new skill.

It’s a great way to have fun with friends and spend time at La Encantada with all its restaurants and shops.


ALL classes held at:
Southern Arizona Arts Guild Gallery
2905 E. Skyline Drive; Suite 262
Tucson, AZ 85718

You must register online, but it is easy. Just click on one of the links below.  Below is a list of current classes that are taking students.  ALL classes are limited to enforce the COVID guidelines.

February 2 Tax Prep for New Artists Click here to read more
February 7 Tax Prep for New Artists Click here to read more
February 9 Smartphone Photography Click here to read more
February 18 Mixed Media Mandala Click here to read more
February 20 Beginning Paper Quilling Click here to read more
February 20 Painting with Alcohol Inks Click here to read more
February 23 DSLR Photography Click here to read more
February 27 Intermediate Paper Quilling Click here to read more
March 6 Funneled Acrylic Pour Click here to read more
March 9 Smartphone Photography Click here to read more
March 17 Ceramic Leaf Click here to read more
March 25 DSLR Photography Click here to read more


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Interested in Teaching a Class at SAAG?

Please submit your teaching application on the SAAG web site ASAP so we can get your classes on the website!  Also make sure to bring a sample of your project in ASAP for our workshop shelf.

In addition to in gallery classes, I can help you set up a zoom class online! Please call me if you are interested in teaching an online class through the SAAG gallery.

To submit a class: go to the SAAG web site and fill out the application located under the workshop tab at the top of the page. It's an easy system (it takes a little time to fill out, but so worth it...) and, it allows us to forward your class information to our PR person and get your classes some attention and you no longer have to make your own flyers.

*REMEMBER.... If you want students to sign up for your class, the best way to make that happen is with your picture and class sample!

If you have any questions, please email me ([email protected]) or give me a call at (520) 390-6627.

Looking forward to seeing what fabulous new classes you will teach!

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Share Your Big Moment

We can help get the word out!

One of the great things about being a part of the Southern Arizona Arts Guild is talking to other artists! We want to extend the invitation to communicate a bit further. Share your big moments with your fellow SAAG members in the next newsletter. Whether it’s a grant or an exhibition, a new patron or a residency invitation, it is always thrilling to see SAAG artists succeed. And what’s more, it is wonderful to witness how their successes help to bolster our community at large.

Send your news items to [email protected] for submission in the next SAAG newsletter.

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Save The Date

Celebrate the 2020 National Heritage Fellows in an online broadcast on March 4, 2021 at 8pm ET at Take a virtual trip across the country to visit the Heritage Fellows in their homes and communities. This free event will feature performances and demonstrations by the 2020 honorees, recipients of the nation’s highest honor in the folk and traditional arts. Additional details will be available soon.

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Stay Tuned

SAAG is working on starting up General Meetings using Zoom. Our goal is to start in March. Any suggestions or comments? Contact our Board VP Casonti McClure

Check out the Arizona Star on Sunday, February 14. Local writer Barbara Russek is having a piece published on SAAG, the Gallery, and our Classes. 

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Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show

April 7 - 18, 2021

Dear JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show Attendees!

After careful thought and consideration, monitoring the recent increase of Covid-19 infection rate in AZ and consulting with the local health department and City officials JOGS has decided to postpone the Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show to April 7th - 18th, 2021.

They felt that postponing the show 10 weeks from the original January 2021 show dates will be in the best interest of all Tucson Gem Market industry attendees to have safer and stronger Tucson event. 

The health and safety of attendees, employees, and partners continues to be the show’s highest priority.  JOGS Tucson Show is coordinating plans for a safe show in April 2021 based on health and safety guidelines published by the CDC, WHO, and relevant state and local governments and public health authorities to bring buyers and industry exhibitors together safely.

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Art Talks

Announcing 2021 Docent Art Talks at TMA
Join Tucson Museum of Art for the TMALearn! Docent Council’s annual series of lectures examining art and artists that have influenced the world—now delivered online!

Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m., January through March
Free for members  |  $5 General Admission

Online delivery through Zoom  |  Registration required

2021 Schedule
FEBRUARY 3  |  Ukiyo-e: Pictures of the Floating World
Presented by Adrienne O’Hare
Ukiyo-e are “pictures of the floating world.” It is an evanescent world, a world of fleeting beauty, divorced from the responsibilities of the mundane, everyday world; a hedonistic world of Kabuki, courtesans and Geisha. Register now 

FEBRUARY 10  |  The Virgin Mary: Art Through the Ages
Presented by Susan Hill
The Virgin Mary has inspired more people than any other woman who ever lived. A large body of art features different aspects of her life and her roles. This talk samples some of the rarest and most interesting works of art depicting the Virgin Mary. Register now

FEBRUARY 17  |  Warhol and Basquiat: The Art World’s Most Notorious Bromance
Presented by Judy Tracy
Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat were two eccentric personalities, but the most iconic and influential late 20th century artists. A look at their individual careers and their collaboration that intrigued the art world then and now. Register now 

FEBRUARY 24  |  Vermeer: Vision and Illusion
Presented by Chuck Tampio
Largely overlooked for two centuries after his death, Johannes Vermeer is now among the most revered artists of all time. His message is uniquely suited for this pandemic age, as he explores the inner worlds of his singular and isolated women. Register now 

MARCH 3  |  Shadows and Light: Visions of the East
Presented by Martin Randall
In the 19th century artists ventured to North Africa, the Middle East, Persia and India, bringing back images of cultures and traditions unlike any their fascinated audiences had seen. Examine these artist-travelers and their legacy. Register now 

MARCH 10  |  Fritz Scholder: A Walking Paradox
Presented by Jan Weidenhammer
Fritz Scholder revolutionized Indigenous art. Explore his sometimes uncomfortable “Indian paintings” to learn how this master of color and composition turned stereotypes on their heads and gained notoriety as a mainstream artist. Register now 

MARCH 17  |  What in the World is Environmental Art?
Presented by Nancy Jacques
Come explore the interdisciplinary minds and works of artists whose creations are both timeless and ephemeral. See why they are so important for expanding the definition of art itself and joining hearts to science. Register now 

MARCH 24  |  Abstract Expressionism: I don't get it!
Presented by Kit Kimball
Explore what Abstract Expressionism is and why it is so important in art history. Learn about the work of Clyfford Still, Mark Rothko and Joan Michell and the methods and thinking behind their very different works. Register now 


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Art Article

Archaeologists have discovered world's oldest animal cave painting 

Deep within a cave in central Indonesia, archaeologists have discovered a wild pig painting created, they say, at least 45,500 years ago. It is now claimed to be the oldest known animal painting in the world.

The life-size work, painted in red ochr, was identified as depicting a Sulawesi warty pig. It was uncovered in the Leang Tedongnge cave in a remote valley on the island of Sulawesi by Adam Brumm and his team from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, who published their findings in Science Advances journal  in January.

“I was struck dumb,” Brumm told New Scientist. “It’s one of the most spectacular and well-preserved figurative animal paintings known from the whole region and it just immediately blew me away.”

According to one of the paper's co-authors, Maxime Aubert, the team were able to determine the painting's age from analysing a calcite deposit that had formed over the top of the work via a method known as uranium-series dating. However, as this process only dates the mineral layer, the painting could be much older than 45,500 years.

The painting is accompanied by two other porcine pictures, presumed to date around the same time. For comparison, Europe's earliest known figurative cave paintings in Chauvet, France are thought to be around 33,000 years old.

However, the Indonesian warty pig is not the oldest painting in the world. This title is still held by a red Neanderthal hand stencil in Maltravieso cave, Cáceres, Spain. Meanwhile, in 2018 scientists claimed they found "humanity's oldest drawing" on a fragment of rock in South Africa, dated at 73,000 years old.

A number of ancient cave art discoveries have been made recently in the region surrounding Leang Tedongnge. Last year, Brumm and his team found a painting in a nearby cave, Leang Bulu'Sipong 4, depicting a buffalo being hunted by part-human, part-animal creatures holding spears, which they dated to at least 43,900 years old.

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Artist Opportunities

Successful artists don’t give up. They don’t let the word no get in their way. To build an art career, one must expect and accept that there will be plenty of bumps in the road, plenty of opportunities that just weren’t the right ones for you – and when that happens it is imperative that you pick yourself up and keep going. The only opportunity you will never get is the one you don’t apply for.

New National Endowment for the Arts grant program guidelines.
New NEA grant program guidelines are now available in the Grants for Arts Projects (GAP) category, with the first GAP deadline on February 11, 2021. Also new this year: a section explaining Common Application Mistakes.

Several scholarships are now open from the Arizona Community Foundation!  Do you know a high school senior, current college student, graduate student or adult re-entry student that should apply? Watch this quick video then apply here.  Deadlines for the various scholarship opportunities range from 2/15/21 to 3/15/21. 

MRA Associates Community Gallery Call to Artist
January – March 2021
Art in a Time of Pandemic and Quarantine
In hopes of creating a stronger sense of our community as we spend time apart, the MRA Associates’ Community Gallery will feature an exhibition with artwork inspired by life during the COVID-19 pandemic. With an abundance of time on our hands, the quarantine has provided many artists with an opportunity to learn new creative techniques, while digging deeper to their emotional connection to their work and process. Selected artists work will be featured alongside an artist’s statement of purpose and inspiration. Up to three artists will be selected to feature six to ten original, two-dimensional works. Selected artists will receive a $100 honorarium.  
Exhibition Dates: 1/8/20 - 5/07/21 *Tentative Dates / Subject to Change
​MRA Associates' Community Gallery - Phoenix, Arizona

The Magazine of Contemporary Art | Open Call

THE MAGAZINE OF CONTEMPORARY ART is an online publication covering visual arts from around the world. We’re special in many ways, but here is just a sampling of four exceptional features that’s sure to pique your creative side:
1. FREE Submission and FREE Listing
2. ZERO Commission on ALL art sales
3. DIRECT link to prospective buyers
4. INVITATION ONLY selection criteria

The MOCA is currently accepting submissions from visual artists working with any medium. Digital images of paintings, drawings, graphic art, photography, sculpture, and 3D installations of any size will be considered without limitation. The curated artworks will be showcased for free in our rotating exhibitions. Art sales made during this period will not be charged any commission, and inquiries from prospective buyers will be forwarded directly to the artists.

Additionally, a few selected artists will be invited to participate in our permanent exhibition for a small fee. Artists will be able to choose to be represented in various ways, and enjoy substantial exposure, such as:
1. FEATURED as artist of the month
2. INTERVIEWS conducted with select artists
3. BLOGS & ARTICLES published on behalf of select artists
4. SOCIAL MEDIA promotion targeting over 30,000 Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter followers
5. TOP RANKING through SEOs on search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Our international exposure has given us the tools to connect with serious collectors from North America, Europe, and Asia who’re looking to buy artworks for investment as well as for their own private collection. We’re confident that our gallery will provide you with substantial recognition and sales opportunity.

In these difficult and uncertain times, we stand in solidarity with our fellow artists and wish to give the opportunity to as many artists as we can so they can continue to showcase their work to art galleries, dealers, and connoisseurs around the world within this virtual space in a safe and responsible manner.

Mini Grants and Project Grants – AZ Humanities
Intent to Apply Deadline: May 1, 2021
Application Deadline: June 15, 2021
Arizona Humanities supports innovative, community-based projects that use humanities disciplines to connect Arizonans to the cultures, peoples, and histories of the state and beyond. We welcome proposals from a wide range of nonprofit, educational, and governmental organizations and encourage projects that are innovative in their approach toward the humanities and public programming. Projects should use the humanities to provide context, depth, and perspective to issues of significance to Arizonans. Our grants program aims to stimulate thoughtful community exchange, build new audiences for the humanities, innovate new methods in the humanities, and advocate for the importance of the humanities for a lively and engaged democratic public.

For instructions go to: to submit your work. 

If you know of opportunities you are willing to share with fellow Guild members please send the information to the Web administrator at [email protected]

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Tips for Posting on Facebook

Here are 10 Tips for posting your photos onSAAG's Facebook:
1) Start with a photo which is in focus.
2) Make sure your photo is right-side-up.
3) Go to the Southern Arizona Arts Guild Facebook page,
4) Use “Create Post” or "Write a Post" and click on the white space. 
5) Click on the "photo/video" button. Load the photo from your computer.
6) Add your name.
7) Click on "post." The photo will not show up immediately as it has to be allowed by the Administrator. This doesn't take long. The approval process ensures that the page isn't overrun with photos from other groups.
8) Only post the photo once, or it will show up as duplicates or triplicates.
9) Do not use Facebook’s Messenger tool.   
10) Once your art is up, share it on your personal page. Spread the word to friends, family, and neighbors. 

Each photo reaches between 60 and 200 viewers; the average is more than 100 people. Posting a photo of your artwork is good advertising for your business.  

Those of you who do not use Facebook, you can send a jpeg of your work to me and I will post it for you. E-mail your photo to [email protected]

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Instagram Campaign

SAAG would like to put together an Instagram Campaign that will post daily, but we need your help. If you have a photo of recent work, please email it to Theresa Poalucci. You do not need to be in the Gallery to do this! One day we will run a picture of a SAAG members piece of art and talk about becoming a member of SAAG. The next day we will run a photo of something from the Gallery and talk about the Gallery. We will continue this cycle.

To submit a photo, please email it to [email protected]com

Please give me your name, a small description of your piece, and your website address if you have one, or an email where you can be reached if the piece is for sale.

Finally, if you are going to be in a show, let me know and I will advertise it.

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Update Your Member Information

Help update your information in the Member Directory

Please go into your listing in the Member Directory and make sure that the link to your website, Etsy page, or other destination is correct. While looking to create a Gallery Instagram page, I found that a number of the website links were not working properly. Also, I would encourage members to include website, Etsy page, or another link and a contact phone number. The information in the Member Directory can only be accessed by the membership.

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